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"30 Warrior Tennis Mental Tips For Matchplay."

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ATTENTION to all competitive tennis players out there!! 

"Don't even think about reading another book on mental toughness, until you READ this one first!!"

Let me ask you this critical question.

Are you tired of losing to tennis players that you know you should be beating right now?

Of course, YOU are!!

Well, lucky for you.


(This e-book can help any competitive tennis player start winning more tennis matches by mastering their emotions under pressure!!)

This e-book will get you instant results, by helping you develop a solid mental game for consistently competing on a high level in your tennis matches.

And remember that.

You aren't playing tennis.

You are actually playing the mental game!!

This is the main reason why most competitive players never reach their full potential in their careers.

They don't know the game they are playing.

So, please don't do what they did!!

If you read and apply these tips, tactics, and strategies to your matches.

You will start winning more matches in weeks.

Keep this in mind too.

This can be your ultimate guide, to start competing on a whole new level mentally in matches.

By the way.

Now might be a good time to......


"Match play is actually mental warfare, between two tennis players, and can be on many different levels before and during the match."

And the player who is best prepared for this mental battle will always win the match.

 You can bank on that.

"This e-book has 30 of my best tennis warrior mental tips for match play."

I'll give you one here for FREE.

(You are not playing tennis, you are actually playing the mental game).

So, write that one down!!


It should be used as a guide and reference tool for tennis players, to help them mentally prepare/ and use the tactics during their tennis matches.


"In competition, success loves preparation"!!!

To make sure these tips work for you and your mental game.

Use the "Law a Practice".


Which states that...

 " You will naturally get better at doing something over time if you practice it every day and you practice it long enough."

Read that mental law again, please.

Because that is your first MASTER KEY to reaching your full potential!!

Read this book slowly and take down a lot of notes.

Contemplate each tip in your head for a few moments.

Ask yourself.

How can I apply these tips to my future matches?

"This is how you can internalize this information, into your subconscious mind."

After reading it that way, read it again the same way.

But this time, try out each tip 1 at a time, in practice and in your practice matches, until you can adapt it to fit into your own match play style.

So it works like this.

"Adopt and adapt these warrior tennis tips, for your own unique style of play."

After you own it, move on to the next warrior tip and repeat the whole process over again, until you get through all of them.

Have some fun when learning them too.


"Competition is fun when you are mentally prepared for it!!"

(Word of caution.)

If a warrior tip doesn't work the first time, you try it.

Come back to it later and try it again and see what happens. Because it's all a process that you have to go through before you master that warrior tip.

"You may not be mentally ready for it at that time and that's okay, so  don't sweat it, you will get it later."

Also, make sure that you work on only 1 tip at a time.

Concentrate all your mental energy, and focus, on that one tip until you master it.

Then move on to the next one.

Never work on more than one at the same time.

I will also be updating this e-book in the future, so look out for that information later.

Okay, that is about all that I have for you guys right now.

And I look forward to talking to you guys more on the inside!!


You also get a bonus for buying it!!!!!

I have also added "The Complete Guide For Competitive Tennis Player" to beef this offer up for you.

Okay, now that means that you have two options.

Do nothing and keep losing to the same players forever, or scroll up to I want this and start winning more tennis matches in MONTHS!!!

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"30 Warrior Tennis Mental Tips For Matchplay."

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