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Top 10 Tips For High School Tennis Coaches

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Would you like to learn how to build a stronger tennis program at your high school?

If so.

You need to read this ebook TODAY!!

Attention all high school tennis coaches!!

This is your chance, to learn how to build a solid high school tennis program for years to come!! 

If you want to build a great tennis program FAST, you are going to have to have a system in place, that will allow you to do it!!

Wouldn't you agree?

Okay then, keep reading, please!!

Dear Coaches.

"I have some very important information here, that I would like to share with you guys."

But first.

 I have a few more important questions, to ask YOU.

If you don't mine.

Why are you coaching high school tennis?

Were you forced to do the job by your school or are you doing it, because you want to and have a passion for coaching the game?

Answer these following questions.

What kind of season did you guys have last year?

Did your team reach their goals?

Did you reach your own coaching goals for the season?

And how many of your players, are getting tennis scholarships to colleges or academies, by the system that you have in place now?

Well, whatever your answers are.

 I have some great coaching tips for you that can help you start building a stronger tennis program for the future.

Which is what you really want right?

This ebook is for high school tennis coaches that, want to start coaching on PURPOSE and help their kids go on to college and play tennis there and have a successful competitive career.

"Now that should be the main goal of every high school tennis coach reading this right now."

(You get 10 great coaching tips, that can help you turn your program around in months.)

Here are just a few things that you will learn.

" How to coach with passion and true intentions every day, and how to do it in an authentic way."

Because every great tennis program starts with the personality and attitude of the head coach.

You will also learn...

"How to never give up on ANY player in your program and how to make them play better with reverse psychology methods."

"You will learn how to motivate YOUR players and communicate with them, on a more personal and spiritual level." (Which is the key to getting more out of them)


"You will learn how to prepare for the season the right way and then set goals for your team and make sure that your team, reaches those goals every season."

Those are just 4 things that you will get right there!!

To get the other ones...

"You are going to have to talk to me more on the inside!!!"

Let me say this though before you go, never look at yourself as just a high school tennis coach.

Because your job is much MORE important than that to your player.

That's right.

You are playing a major role in shaping the lives of these kids and I would commit to every one of them.

Start by getting this ebook and implementing these coaching tips into your tennis program.

"You owe that to your kids, their parents and yourself."

And I look forward to continuing this conversation on the inside guys.

Let me show you how to have a great season EVERY year!!


Since you read this far.

As a bonus.

I will also throw in 1 free hour coaching session online with a manual too!!

Just email after you get the ebook and set up a time that works for YOU and I will send you the manual, so be sure to include your address!!

And thanks for your time coach!!!

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Top 10 Tips For High School Tennis Coaches

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