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The How To Grow Your Tennis Club Membership and Profits In Months.

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Dear Tennis Club Owners!!!

How would you like to double the profits for your club in 2 months or less!!

Of course, you would!!!


I will show you how to start generating passive income with affiliate marketing in months.

By learning and using “Direct Response Marketing” strategies in a guerilla style, marketing approach.


This is what it all boils down to if you want to start growing your club…

“The quality of your marketing will determine the quality of results that you get for your club”.

Which is why DRM is the best one to use.


Using low-cost direct-response advertising to get people to respond to your OFFERS on a more consistent basis!!

This will also generate more leads for your club and that will lead to faster growth.

Which is really your main problem right now. 

Wouldn't you agree?

“You don't have enough leads coming in on a daily/ weekly basis”.


Okay, so, more about this program.

THIS IS AN ONLINE Coaching PROGRAM, FOR TENNIS CLUB OWNERS who want to grow their memberships and profits faster!

Here are some things that this course will cover.

How to grow your email list faster.

The money is in the email list, but you have to have a solid relationship with your email list, or they won't buy from YOU.

I know many people with a large list, and they aren't making any money from their list.


They aren't giving enough value to their subscribers.

You will learn how to build a direct response sales funnel.

The one huge mistake many club owners are making is not building a sales funnel.

And this affects their profits.

When you have a proven sale funnel in place, you are able to predict your profits months in advance.

Because your pipeline will determine your future profits.

And you will learn how to outsource and automate your operation.

As a tennis club owner.

Your end goal is to start outsourcing and automating your operation as soon as you can.

This will give you the opportunity to focus on important activities during the day and free up more of your time.

Look, I don't want to waste your time here.

So, I'll tell you a little about me and why you should be listening to me, and then I will get into my RISK-FREE offer!!

First off.

I have been the manager and program director for 2 clubs here in Kansai.

One being. 

 (Nishinomiya Hankyu Club), the other being (Tarumi Indoor Club).

I am a self-taught direct response marketing expert/  tennis consultant.

Which means that.

I help these tennis clubs grow their profits and memberships by 30% every year I was working with them!!!

That's all you need to know about me for NOW.


 Let's talk about my risk-free offer here for you TODAY.

Sign up NOW for FREE, and try out my direct response marketing strategies for 1 month and see if they work for your club.


If they don't work, you don't have to pay ME anything!!

Fair enough?


If they do work, you will be charged after you get the results that I promised YOU!!

That way.

Instead of telling you what I can do, I can show you first.

Makes sense right?

Okay, scroll up and click (I want this).

And let's get you on a “Marketing Pilot Test Program” for 1 month.

Thanks for reading too!!


“Imagine if you invest $2000 in a program and got back “$200,000 on that investment in the next 7 months!!

Would you consider that to be a GOOD investment?

I thought so!!

One more thing.


Just added 2 e-books to the course and I will give you 2 extra ones in your first coaching session for signing up as well!!

Look forward to talking to YOU MORE on the inside my friend!!

All memberships include a 1 month free trial
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You get a the ebook (How To Grow Your Club In 2 Months or Less!!

And one on one coaching
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$2,000 a month

The How To Grow Your Tennis Club Membership and Profits In Months.

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