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How Any Japanese English Student Can Become A Native Speaker.

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“This is a private Facebook group for Japanese English students who want to become native English speakers”.

 So if that is what you are looking to do, try out the course for 1 month and then if you aren't seeing any progress, you can quit then, with no questions asked.

I'm offering that to you because I really want to HELP YOU.

Look, this is the REAL problem that most of you are facing...

“90 % of Japanese English students never really improve their abilities to communicate in English with native English speakers.”

Wouldn't you agree with that?

So, the purpose of this group is to help you learn English in a more modern way.

With that being the case.

"All the learning techniques in this course will help you accelerate your abilities to speak and communicate just like a (Native English Speaker) in about 5 months or less."

(Your progress will be determined by how much you concentrate on the techniques that you will learn in this membership).

Here are some examples.

: You will learn how to become an Information Finder.

(This will help you to process and learn English faster, and that means you will be able to practice speaking it more during the week).

I have found that most Japanese English students don't practice speaking the language enough on a weekly basis.

: You will learn techniques to leapfrog the learning curve.

Understand that.

(Learning anything is a process, and the goal of this group is to help you leapfrog that learning curve).

It's so sad how the Japanese education system has been left behind on this, and it is my goal to show Japanese students that there is a better and easier way to learn English.

: You will get 1 webinar a week.

(This will be like a classroom lesson online, where you can ask questions and get answers in REAL time from me.)Which is very important.


: You will get assignments twice a week.

This will help you to internalize what you learn in class.

Because you learn faster if the classrooms are active, meaning you will have to participate.

You may be thinking, why should you be listening to me?


“I have taught in Kansai for 10 years, and the one thing I see preventing Japanese from speaking English in a more native way is their mindset towards learning”.

To become a native English speaker, you must practice speaking every day.

You must teach others what you learn. (Because you become what you teach)

And you must give speeches monthly.

Don't worry about doing this one.

Just look at it like this.

The more you practice giving speeches, the better you will get at giving them.

And the better you will get at communicating in English and eventually, you will become a native speaker.


Any Japanese English student can become a native speaker if they go about it in the right way and have the right attitude while learning!!

If that sounds interesting to you.

I look forward to working with you more on the inside my friend!!!

If it doesn't.

Please remember what we talked about here TODAY.

And have yourself a GREAT DAY!!!


You will also get a free e-book when you do sign up.

All memberships include a 1 week free trial
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How Any Japanese English Student Can Become A Native Speaker.

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